Adapted Screenplay by Demian Fox


Original stage play by Silvia Chiodin


Creative Producer Medb Lambert | KCAT Arts Centre


Editor John Loftus |


Music & Sound Design Dave Boyd | Dave Boyd Music


Sound Mixing Sotiris Laskaris | Open Studio Post


Colorest Dave Hughes | Windmill Lane


Post Production Producer Aaron Carroll | Windmill Lane


Script inspired by the testimonies and interviews of refugees

and asylum seekers from Italy, Ireland, Greece and the Czech Republic


Cast in order of appearance





Child   Emily Rose Brophy


Parent   Belinda Henzey



Gary Comerford

Sighile Hennessy

Shane M. Byrne

Jim Rohan

Donal Forristal

Mairéad Maguire
Andrew Pike




Parent   Magdaléna Pražáková


Child   Jaroslav Ortmann


Odysseus, Friend’s Parent   Miroslav Ottomanský


Pablo Neruda, Friend   Josef Vrba


Bertolt Brecht   Zuzana Červenková


Charlie Chaplin   Poppy Šabatová


Albert Einstein   Petr Korpas


Trafficker   Boris Tůma


Citizens / Travellers 

Jan Roth

Petr Korpas

Zuzana Červenková

Milada Ponková

Poppy Šabatová




Roberto Aguzzoli

Stefano Belloni

Samuele Calzolari

Massimo Cristoni

Gabriele Di Vaio

Luca Fontana

Sebastiano Franco

Luciano Morselli

Alessandra Pantaleoni

Noemi Petrazzuolo

Roberto Rebecchi

Daniele Verrini




Child   Christos Kazakis


Parent   Efi Toumpa


Friend   Victoria Melachrinou


Friend’s parent   Panos Zournatzidis


Traveller 1   Aimiliani Avraam


Traveller 2   Christina Toumpa


Traveller 3   Eli Driva


Traveller 4   Maria Mourelatou


Additional Travellers

Hannah El Haj Omar

Minas Kazakis

Anastasis Dedes




Director   Janice de Bróithe


Director of Photography   John Loftus


Choreographer   Cindy Cummings


Lighting (Theatre)   Eoin Winning


Lighting (Locations)   John Loftus


Sound Recordist   Heather Troy-Whelan


Assistant Director   Sinéad Cormack


Line Producer   Aideen Wylde


Costume & Set Design   Medb Lambert




Executive Producer   Kristýna Milaberská


Theatre Directing & Dramaturgy   Vendula Kodetová


Choreography   Vendulka Burger

Ivana Hessová


Costume Design   Andrea Králová


Lighting Design   Michal Hór Horáček


Director’s Assistant Script   Vendulka Burger


Editing & Postproduction   FLYING FACTORY, s.r.o.


Director of Photography   Jaromír Herskovič


Drone Operator   Radim Dittrich


Camera Assistant   Šimon Herskovič


Master of Sound   David Hýsek


Lighting Engineer  Luděk Pankrác


Makeup Artist   Barbora Zitová


Catering   Zdeněk Sirový


Shooting locations

Holešovice Market Hall

Dívčí hrady (Děvín) Prague

Barrandov Terraces


Director   MAREK DUŠÁK


Production & Copyright   Studio Citadela, z.s. FLYING FACTORY, s.r.o.





The play Birds   Silvia Chiodin


Artistic coordination & text adaptation   Vittorio Possenti




Costumes   Emanuela Ciroldi


Masks Atelier Manolibera


Director & DOP   Luca Fabbri


Container Camera Operator   Massimiliano Mora


Camera operators for the Birds and Band 

Massimiliano Mora

Giacomo Freda


Sound technician for the Birds  Giacomo Freda


Editing & Post Production   Luca Fabbri


Musical interpretation Il Volo Performed by Orchestra Scià Scià


Composer & Conductor    Enrico Zanella


Lead Guitar    Enrico Zanella


Acoustic Guitar    Tincani Stefano


Drums   Gabriele Covotta


Bass Guitar   Giuseppe Pirone


Soundbeam   Cristian Pistoni


Soundbeam & Tablet 

Maria Cristina Uguccioni

Paolo Succi

Luigi D’Ambrosio


Multipad   Emanuele Campofiorito


Keyboards   Annamaria Carabellese


Scià Scià Motion & Soundline   Luca Pongiluppi


Scià Scià Motion & Soundwheel   Marco Po








Director of Photography   Maria Sidiropoulou


Camera Crew   Flora Aggelopoulou

Katerina Markoulaki


Sound Engineer   Sotiris Laskaris


Script Translator   Elias Kourtparasidis


Power Project Coordinator   Maria Dragatakis


Grateful thanks to guest musicians


MANDOLIN   Luke Plumb


OUD & CŪMBŪS   Mac Ritchey




VIOLIN & VIOLA IMPROVISATION    Dimitris Papageorgiou




The Greek Ministry of Culture for their financial support


Special thanks to the Assistants for the disabled,


Anna Vekiari

Gkikas Melachrinos

Milana Vitinscaia –

Popi Mastropaulou

Charalampos Mourelatos

Vassiliki Miami


Citadela Studio would like to thank the Ministry of Culture

of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, the State Fund

of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Prague 1 Municipal

District for their support.


Special thanks to the Prague 5 Municipal District, Counselling
Centre For Integration, JATKA 78 and Palác Lucerna.


Nazareno Soc. Coop. Soc. would like to thank


Silvia Chiodin for helping with and supporting

the interviews and for writing the original script

We All Come From Somewhere


InEuropa Team

Lisa Fiaschi, Barbara Grazzini, Lara Natalini and Andrea Pignatti

INEUROPA SRL for supporting with amazing professionality the

partners during the entire POWER’s development


The Interviewees

Ahigbe Blessing,

Camara Stephanie

Habib Tresor Seri

Mia Abed

Muhamed Muhadiin

Shiraye Jimcale Mowliid

MD Akramul Hasan Washim

Caleidos Cooperative

for deciding to share their difficult stories with us.


Mrs. Chiara Pucci, our officer from EC,

who supported us from the very beginning

and during the hard times due to the pandemic.


Nazareno Cooperatives’ colleagues who actively but behind the scenes contributed to POWER’s activities’ development.


KCAT Arts Centre would like to thank

An Chomhairle Ealaíone | The Arts Council of Ireland


VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow


Etaoin Holahan

Donal Gallagher

Ann Marie Nolan

Stephanie McDermott

Noor Hasina

Sanzida Begum





Performances Of Wide Enrichment to Raise awareness

on different abilities and promote integration

Ref. Grant Agreement number 2018 – 2425/001/001


The European Commission’s support for the production of this

digital performance work does not constitute an endorsement

of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors,

and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use

which may be made of the information contained therein.

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